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Facebook vs Google Who is Worth More?

Currently, Google makes waaaaay more per click then Facebook does. Most of this is through affiliate status and the rest is because Facebook does not get involved in advertising nearly as much as Google does.Facebook really doesn't have to worry about clicks as much, as they have also grabbed consumers with games and other online revenue that users by into. Google's job is to get as many clicks as possible, so they do. Adwords Campaign Vs. Facebook Campaign

Google makes a killing from its ability to offer targeted advertising to hundreds of billions of potential consumers, and they offer it at an affordable price. Facebook also has an ad campaign program that is afforded and can be targeted directly to the right customers. Neither one pays hardly anything in overhead to run these campaigns, as they are selling something purely intellectual: Traffic.It's not the same as a space on a billboard, bus or stadium. Though its potential is 100 times greater than any other form of advertising. The only form of advertising that has really been able to keep up, is television, and the gap that internet advertising has to surpass to do away with television advertising, is getting smaller every second.

Trends: Google Vs. Facebook

Even on Google's own search trend tools, you can have a show down between Google and facebook any day and see that Facebook wins. Ever since 2006, Facebook has steadily created a huge gap between itself and Google. Not to mention, now that people are really coming around to using Facebook's search tool, what use do they really have for Google?Not to say that Google will ever become useless without Facebook, but it certainly starts to look a little silly in the wake of Facebook's climb up the trends ladder. Even their own tools can't hide the truth in this matter.


Google and Facebook have come to a GooglyFace-Off when it comes to social utilities and marketing information. Google offers dozens of Free trending tools, such as Trends, Insight and Sktools. Facebook offers tools as well, and theirs reach out to real people and offer information about the traffic and trend information that those people bring in.Google's tools cover vast searches and large amounts of super valuable data, while Facebook offers more precise information about smaller endeavors. I feel they are pretty tied as far as utilities go, and they both continue to up the ante on a regular basis. The tools they offer are overly valuable and yet almost completely opposite from each other in capabilities. 


In Nov 2010, Google was worth $163.2 Billion dollars.

Currently, Facebook has beenestimated to be worth $500 million for 1% of it's shares. Goldman Sachs is one of the the companies that estimated Facebook as being worthat least $50 Billion, because $500 million is 1% of $50 Billion.

These numbers look like a large difference on the calculator, though they don't compare the value of what Facebook offers over what Google offers. Google can offer you traffic, while Facebook can offer youPeople. More specifically, Facebook can offer you unbiased information about any person that joins up. What is worth more...Traffic?

or Information?

Loyalty and Trust...

Facebook is not so special that they could arrogantly assume that the people who use their utility would never leave, or that a better social network couldn't be developed. Though they have one of the highest loyalty ratings on the web, as far as users who sign up and continue to use their site. They even overcame Myspace, who was technically first in the industry to grab such attention from users, and since then, no other social tool has been able to compete. Twitter has come close several times and often has a higher rate of sign ups at any particular time, but they have a very poor rate of keeping those users. The Ning network could have become a serious competitor, though they lost that chance when they started charging people to have their own Ning. Myspace has tried to up the ante several times, but simply cannot compete anymore.

Facebook has the intra-social-net capped, mostly because users sign up and stick around. They enjoy Facebook because of it's very simple platform, a lack of annoying flashy ads, ease of interaction with their friends, simple but addicting games that don't consume your processing speed, an easy search tool, protections from spammers and scammers, as well as lots of chances to interact with REAL people. Facebook has also made it extremely difficult for "educated" marketers to get their paws into the social net without being obvious. Facebook has also managed to keep their users information much more confidential then any other social network has, and continues to see great improvements in the areas of security that they lack in. This builds trust and Facebook users find that extremely valuable.

Now... whether or not Facebook will retain that value and trust if they decide to sell any of that information to marketers and research groups, is another question. For now, Facebook is extremely valuable to it's users and to those social 
net-workers who have figured out how to get information from people without being obvious marketers and racketeers.
 Let's look at google's loyalty and trust...

As far as socializing goes, Google has completely bombed their chances of expanding into the social scene under their own name. They might still have a chance if they sync up with the right social platform, but until then, they just aren't seeing any significant numbers from new sign ups or continuous users.This is mostly due to security issues that Google has been unable to overcome. Even in the event that they were able to fully protect their users, no one will soon forget that they had those issues in the past. First impressions are everything, and it's going to take Google a while to over come those memories. 

As far search engine loyalty and trust, Google has that industry covered. They have continued to stay fluxate in the search market, and through all their trials, they have stayed on top. Though they lost a lot when people learned that they had teamed up with such sinister groups like the Government.... While Facebook is clearly not completely protected from government spies who choose to use Facebook to deceptively keep track of what people are doing, Facebook has never officially given any direct information to any government entities. They have cooperated with law enforcement groups looking for very bad people, but have publicly declared that they will not knowingly give access to any groups (including the government) if they are operating illegally.

Many users understand that there is a risk to anything you put out in public, but they feel that warm fuzzy glow knowing that while Facebook can't always prevent spies or nasties from being on their social web, they aren't going to specifically help them either. Google instantly became a yucky taste in the mouth when the net-media's filled up with headlines that Google had released information to the government and was going to make a deal to continue to release information to them. This lost Google a ton of trust, resulting in lowered rates of loyalty, and spawning the search engine. I know I can be included in searching for other search engines to use, once I found out that Google was specifically joining forces with Big Brother. Thousands of other users also decided to avoid google as often as possible, which resulted in upward popularity for Microsoft's Bing network, and sent many searchers back to Alexa, WebCrawler and Lyco's. This is when I came across Meta-Search engines, which show me several search engines at one time. My favorite is, which does include google... if you swing that way... Income.... Outcome...

In the last quarter of 2010, Google brought in a whopping $29,321,000. Out of that they had to spend $10,417,000. This means that they were able to "keep" $18,904,000 of their income. Now... whether or not they reinvested any of that is another question...

In 2009, Facebook brought in a snarky $777 million dollars, and were able to keep around $200 millionout of that. The New York times reported that in 2010, Facebook brought home $2 Billion dollars and was able to keep $400 million in profits, and I don't believe that counts the $200 million in revenue from the Facebook movie the Social Network. Worthy of the Net or Net Worthy?

Although Facebook trump's Google when it comes to revenue and profits, Google's household name is worth well over what Facebook's name is worth. It's estimated that Google is well over $160 Billion, while Facebook is said to be worth at least $50 Billion. The only catch is that Facebook is predicted to surpass Google in the next few years, because of their ability to expand and reach more markets.Google has the search sector pretty much covered, and they have a pretty good handle on Traffic. Facebook has the second largest chunk of the traffic sector, a decent portion of the search sector and wholelotta cake when it comes to their portion of the internet's attention from the social webs, something Google has been unable to master.

So while Google is much more Net Worthy at the moment, Facebook is much moreWorthy of the Net in terms of potential. 

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