Friday, 10 May 2013

Best SEO learning article # 9 (Forum Posting)

Back link building is most important part of SEO. Here Avow Zone is going to share some killer tips to make permanent back link for your site. Just follow all the way part to part and make your dream true.

By the way you can check your site back link from here.


Browse various websites and make beautiful comment for each post with your site link. Comment posting is the easiest and popular way to get lots of permanent back link. What do you think where you get the site address to make comment? Don’t worry just visit bellow site and make comment for each post with your site list. However, bellow all sites are best to comment for you.

Forum posting is another way to get permanent back link for your site. To post or comment of any forum first you have to register then you can post anything and can make comment. Always keep in mind when make a comment don’t write negative about the post. Forum posting is now the popular one way to all webmaster. See bellow some forum address you can register and post.

30.  Register then post and comment at this forum.

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