Monday, 27 May 2013

5 Top Safest Cars Of 2013


Every year the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety releases various lists of their top safety picks for the new model year, and out of hundreds of various car models less than 120 were designated with the Top Safety Pick moniker this year. Of these, only 13 were recognized in a new category of Top Safety Pick plus - in essence meaning they were the cream of the car crop in protecting all passengers on a number of levels without any real safety weaknesses whatsoever.

While it may be a popular conclusion to assume that the top 5 safest cars of 2013 would be either large, expensive or both it is not true. Factually, none of the top safety picks could be considered as large cars and only two hasve a manufacturer's suggested retail price of over $30,000. Here's a closer look:

1. Volvo S60
Tops in the overall front crash test the Volvo S60 has a starting MSRP of $ 31,900 and is worth every penny and then some. Loaded with a full compliment of airbags for both drivers and passengers as well as a number of other safety features, Volvo has gained a rightful reputation

for engineering cars that are just flat out designed better to absorb impact more efficiently than the competition - year after year.

2. Acura TL

At an MSRP on the low end of $35,905 the Acura Tl comes in second among safest cars with a great braking and traction system enabled by the standard features including ABS brakes, electronic brake assist, traction control and a vehicle control stability system. The engineering 

design used in making this vehicle redistributes frontal crash energy away from the driver and passengers to minimize or deflect the seriousness of potential injuries in a frontal collision.

3. Ford Fusion
Yes, you read correctly - the middle class, blue-collar car is among the very best when it comes to safety and at a fantastic MSRP starting price of only $21,900! This midsize bargain performed in a superior manner in crash tests and the crash test dummy 

dodged any serious injuries because the airbag system worked perfectly and the structural movement of the crash did not affect passenger space. A good, all-around safe vehicle for sure.

4. Chrysler 200

With the least expensive MSRP on this list starting at $19,195 the 2013 Chrysler 200 has the

full compliment of safety bells and whistles and survived crash impact tests with flying colors. To top this off this looks and feels like a car that costs double the price or more.

5. Dodge Avenger

Great baking system, solid design that can withstand impact well, full compliment of safety amenities at a MSRP starting at $19,195 is good deal from any vantage point of consumerism. Those seeking a really safe vehicle would have a tough time locating one with better head restraints and the child safety system in this car is top notch.

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