Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Why don't people buy American cars anymore?

More than most people would like to admit, purchasing a car and the decisions involved in that purchase are emotional. We like to think we are rational, responsible, and reasonable when we buy cars. But are we? More often than not I think we purchase the car that we feel is right for us, even if we know deep down there is a better option.

Monday, 27 May 2013

5 Top Safest Cars Of 2013


Every year the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety releases various lists of their top safety picks for the new model year, and out of hundreds of various car models less than 120 were designated with the Top Safety Pick moniker this year. Of these, only 13 were recognized in a new category of Top Safety Pick plus - in essence meaning they were the cream of the car crop in protecting all passengers on a number of levels without any real safety weaknesses whatsoever.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Top 10 most popular search engines forever

Search engines are programs that search documents for specified keywords and returns a list of the documents where the keywords were found. A search engine is really a general class of programs; however, the term is often used to specifically describe systems like Google, Bing and Yahoo! Search that enable users to search for documents on the World Wide Web. However, here we listed the world most popular search engine. Just see below.

Unique Visitors / Month: Around 27, 00,000
Compete Rank: 128
Quantcast Rank: 1,281
Alexa Rank: 4,507

Unique Visitors / Month: Around 29, 00,000
Compete Rank: 700
Quantcast Rank: 876
Alexa Rank: 3545

8. Lycos

Unique Visitors / Month: Around 43, 00,000
Compete Rank: 837
Quantcast Rank: 347
Alexa Rank: 2097

7. Belkko

Unique Visitors / Month: Around  9000000
Compete Rank: 499
Quantcast Rank: 631
Alexa Rank: 715

Unique Visitors / Month: Around  19000000
Compete Rank: 65
Quantcast Rank:  409
Alexa Rank:  225

Unique Visitors / Month: Around  33000000
Compete Rank: 336
Quantcast Rank: 240
Alexa Rank: N/A

Unique Visitors / Month: Around  125000000
Compete Rank: 11
Quantcast Rank: 14
Alexa Rank: 52

3. Yahoo

Unique Visitors / Month: Around
Compete Rank:
Quantcast Rank:
Alexa Rank:

2. Bing

Unique Visitors / Month: Around 160000000
Compete Rank: 8
Quantcast Rank: 28
Alexa Rank: N/A

Unique Visitors / Month: Around  900000000
Compete Rank: 1
Quantcast Rank: 1
Alexa Rank: 1

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Symphony Tablet XplorerT7i Specification

World most popular mobile manufacture Symphony is going to introduce their brand new exclusive tablet Xplorer T7i. Hope this tablet is going to be a hot item in the present tablet market place. This tablet will come in market soon. Here we just share the tablet specification and we will share the review and price soon.

1. Operating System: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

2. 7” TFT WVGA Capacitive Touch

3. WVGA Display

4. Camera:2 MP+0.3 MP

5. 1 GHz Processor (Duad Core)

6. RAM 512 MB & ROM 4 GB

7. Battery 3000 mAh
Symphony Tablet XplorerT7i

8. 3G Network,EDGE,WiFi,GPS

9. Audio Video & call recorder

10.Bluetooth: v3.0

9. Angry Birds, Highway rider, Facebook, Youtube, Android Market(Play Store)
Temple Run, Nimbuzz, Gmail, Skype, Office suite, Dictionary

10. GPS, G-Sensor

11. 2G Network: GSM 900/1800/1900MHz

12. 3G Network: WCDMA 850/2100MHz

Monday, 20 May 2013

Suggestions tips on how to select excellent Insurance carrier

Many insurance agencies (Car Insurance policy, household insurance policies, Car insurance, on the web Insurance policy, Knowledge Insurance policy, Medical health insurance as well as etc) declare there're the most beneficial. This can be observed if you have a good insurance policies product wanted to the general public by way of ads, almost nothing is actually fewer. In the same way, this overall performance they will carry out generally featured a fine. Somewhat seldom communicate insurance company operations disadvantages they will experience.

Deciding on a excellent insurance company seriously isn't quick. Particularly dealing with intense rivalry among insurance agencies currently. Nevertheless, there are several components that you should thought to be in the process associated with selecting a unique insurance company forever insurance policies as well as loss. Things to do not forget that throughout selecting a individual insurance company, subsequently that you should thought to be on the whole are six components:

1. This Monetary durability (security)
3. Companies
3. Charge or cost
some. Reinsurance
5. Get older
6. Specialist as well as sincere

This Monetary Durability

When referring to fiscal businesses, seriously isn't total if you don't speak about financial situation. This fiscal durability associated with insurance policies relevant to the business's fiscal power to fulfill it is promise should the situation needs. You will need to recognize, simply because an excellent number of insurance agencies will be looking at this flashy exterior. However when presently there boasts via consumers, this company can't shell out. In examining this fiscal durability of this there are a few criteria that need interest:

: Possessions as well as debts. This can be observed from the fiscal balance bed sheet is actually released within the classifieds. Notice also, no matter whether planted in this investment or maybe long-term. In terms of culpability (ability to repay liabilities) can glance at
the balance bed sheet, the way the bad debts through reassured, how he or she satisfied this responsibility to pay boasts, and so forth. Indicators associated with online debts include things like money (own capital) divided through online rates (net premiums) associated with at the least 50%. Own investment capital divided through major rates (gross premiums) associated with at the least 20%. Restrictions solvability degree, which in turn seems to be via its very own investment capital divided through online rates associated with at the least 10% as well as investment cash a minimum complex hold divided through 100%.
: Underwriting Plan. Within the balance bed sheet as well as once-a-year report will likely be observed the insurance policies remains to be the earnings, or maybe earnings expansion. This implies the idea underwriting insurance plan excellent.

: It is underwriters. Insurance policy has staff members skilled or maybe not necessarily. It really is identified from the user profile companies that also includes this underwriters them.


A site would be the degree for you to that this reflect associated with human resources at the corporation's skilled or maybe not necessarily. Furthermore, insurance agencies sell something; therefore exceptional support would be the key. By way of example, this degree for you to that this velocity associated with support throughout both insurance plan problems especially within the payment associated with settlement or maybe boasts. Additionally, regarding the support can certainly always be thought by the customer. Is actually this particular insurance company had been absolutely the most beneficial support because of its consumers?


The purchase price dilemma is actually simply how much the price of costs incurred through insurance agencies in operation. If it is greater than the price of profits, subsequently definitely this company seriously isn't useful. Whether or not it's not necessarily useful, the idea finds yourself depreciating. In case this losses go on, not nutritious. With this interconnection, can also view the cost rates. Review the buying price of insurance fees with some other insurance policies. Where would be the excellent fabulous?

If insurance company amounts of RBC (Risk Foundation Capital) is actually higher, this means this company is actually valued throughout good condition. However we all must not be repaired solely with RBC amounts. Because, can even be big companies which are performing good development want to open up a lot of limbs, subsequently his / her RBC amounts would be tiny. Conversely, there's a tiny insurance company however not to ever broaden, this RBC number had been almost certainly a lot better. Thus, RBC amounts can not be employed for the reason that simply evaluate, whether or not the insurance company is actually nutritious or maybe not necessarily. In cases like this, also popular would be the corporation's overall performance throughout a couple of years. How big income yearly, simply how much this major rates they will receive every year, simply how much extra investment capital as well as possessions yearly. on site you can obtain contrast associated with motor insurance price, household insurance policies price, term life offer, term life rates, car insurance policy price as well as and many others.


Reinsurance is easy being interpreted because his / her insurance company insurance company. Because of this insurance agencies in operation; to scale back this pitfalls that could occur to them, also insure these pitfalls for you to some other insurance agencies. And commonly more substantial organization. And so think about this, request should the insurance company that you're going to create a reinsurance organization. That is important travellers have the some thing you don't would like this insurance company of the choice, there are other individuals of which had reinsurance companies of which sometimes assure this security of the protection under the law or maybe obligations of the quality payment. It is also important you should know this operations organization therefore if anything transpires, your information can certainly still obtain.

Get older

‘The older should be more mature person’.

Even though it appeared way too cliché, nonetheless it should be identified Get older insurance agencies adequate much older than additional companies can mean that this insurance company has adequate investment capital of which until age higher adequate survive. In addition, it details tips on how to deal with this pay for operations clients. Together with older age group, may perhaps mean that this company can deal with these cash optimally. Be it to have effects with regard to company development as well as threat operations are measured to guarantee the protection under the law associated with it is consumers. Since it of course, how can the lady not necessarily previous very long if you can not deal with financial situation effectively.

Specialist as well as sincere

This six points to use to be a research are classified as the specialized as well as sincere. The way we recognize insurance company specialized as well as sincere or maybe not necessarily? This parameter are simply how much customer foundation they've already? as well as the direction they resolve grievances via customer.

This raising amount of consumers can present how the degree of support the organization is doing. This might necessarily mean how focus on consumers, ease of boasts and lastly security is actually entrusted cash. You can also check get ranking associated with ideal insurance policies via magazine/website polling. Down below a few taste polling via web page about ideal motor insurance companies:

3) Geico
8) AAA

Lastly, just like picking a things or maybe some other providers, an individual just about all should have a powerful footing throughout executing a selection. The key should indeed be generally deciding on Insurance carrier of which suits your preferences.

Making Confident Your vehicle Accident Reimbursement Is Sensible

Following an accident there are several bits in your life to set returning jointly. Car accident reimbursement definitely assists. You might be likely harmed, skipped work, lack a car, along with around dismal along with discouraged. This is very easy to understand, particularly when the actual crash has not been your fault. Finding out precisely what you could end up paid for along with precisely how to be sure that you might be having the majority of you possibly can for every single is very important.

There are a few non-tangible points that may be paid for together with accident reimbursement. These are things such as suffering that may be very, very hard to set any money amount in. The intention of accident reimbursement is always to get a lifetime to the same position it turned out from prior to your accident (or seeing that in close proximity any possible). Work with your personal insurer or maybe legitimate representative to set any money amount in this stuff. They've already practical knowledge handling conditions like the one you have, along with factors like intensity with the crash plus the instances that resulted in it might enormously increase or maybe lower your arrangement amount pertaining to non-tangible reimbursement.

Car accident reimbursement promises may differ throughout selling price through no us dollars in order to thousands and thousands. Having an excellent prepare along with excellent assist can help you have the highest accident reimbursement portions.
Let us consider a number of the widespread stuff tend to be included together with accident reimbursement along with the best way to take full advantage of them.

Vehicle Damage

Eat transaction through accident reimbursement could be the destruction of your car or truck. No matter whether you might be harmed or maybe not really, there will be transaction to solve your drive. The actual destruction of your vehicle is going to be evaluated through the various other insurers, and if a person chooses their own estimations you'll obtain the lowest amount achievable. To acquire a fair amount for the tires get a unique estimations for your harm. Don't simply obtain a single, obtain a few. This will help you opt for the highest money amount for just a totaled car or truck or maybe the best quality repair shop for getting this repaired. In case your estimations tend to be better versus various other insurance businesses you can make a deal for getting a person more income.

Health-related Bills

Should you be harmed after your crash (I'm incredibly sorry) you might be supposed to be paid dollars to cover your medical costs. Car
accident reimbursement is going to pay pertaining to these types of damage. To acquire the most dollars along with best therapy pay a visit to your personal doctor pertaining to therapy. You'll experience more at ease with your personal doctor along with she or he are going to be greatly predisposed to spot harm that has been brought on by your crash since they are accustomed to a person. These injuries will tend to be skipped inside a typical emergency room.
Automotive Costs

Should you be with not a automobile, the actual costs through towing, leasing automobile, along with auto storage devices are going to be included in your accident reimbursement. Right now there definitely isn't really a method to improve this particular cost, although you must be positive to keep all invoices through this stuff. Should you compensate associated with jean pocket pertaining to anything at all you'll be paid for providing you possess resistant you paid for this.

Missing Wages

As a way to acquire shed wages from your accident reimbursement you might need a note from your doctor declaring you can't work. Ones employer will certainly produce any notice towards insurer declaring precisely what your wages tend to be, the amount of a person work, just about any overtime you'll have received, or a advertising or maybe increase you would've received within your period away from work. As a way to improve this particular, make certain that your employer expresses your uncouth wages (before taxes). This won't often be given, but it really typically will be. It may seem it truly is simply honest for your uncouth wages, even so the various other insurers will be attempting to decrease the amount you get compensated. Should you be harmed at the end with the season and may eliminate vacation period unless you go, that is reimbursable likewise. Make sure possess clearance from your doctor before you decide to go back to the project.

How to Keep Auto Insurance Premium Minimal

Regardless of whether in the midst of any tough economy or perhaps hoping to make certain that you have the most for your dollars, being sure that payments are generally maintained lower is an excellent starting point. Simply by looking into where by cost savings could be built, you possibly can ensure you don't spend far more for your payments than required in order to find you can eliminate expenses.

Anyone the master of as well as drives an auto will are aware that this can often be one of many payments which is generally about the the surface of the checklist of the most expensive payments for any house. Besides the price that need to be covered the required tasks of car ownership, like the car per se, insurance plan, tax, additionally, there are some other costs to get considered. Components as well as servicing to help keep the car within a roadworthy issue will even attract payments, which usually speedily develop to produce the complete price tag an increased one.

While electric motor insurance plan is required, it does not show that the substantial price tag of rates simply just must be acknowledged. Rather, by means of commencing a few analysis as well as producing a few modifications, you will find the item possible to scale back the rates you spend as well as ensure that many people stay as little as possible. Obviously, the straightforward reply to the query of ‘how for getting cheaper car insurance policy? ’ seriously isn't to obtain any incidents! However, existence is not that straightforward. Although you may consider on your own the most very careful motorist on the planet, this isn't going to suggest you'll be able to predict the alternative drivers can do.

In the first place, anyone should be aware which not all electric motor insurance providers will cost the same advanced with the same insurance cover. Including some other organization, insurance providers come in competition jointly and may acquire the ways needed to support them attract sought after consumers. That said, the item is a good idea for getting numerous written estimates whenever searching for car insurance policy prior to settling on any specific coverage.

Having many written estimates does not have to get as time intensive because it looks, as it's not needed to approach every insurance carrier individually. By using the web might make the task a lot simpler while using accessibility to price contrast internet sites. These assist you to complete one particular style which anyone fill grounds which encompass regular inquiries which insurance firms need to know the answers for you to. This particular style can then possibly be presented to several insurance providers that will ensure whether or not they will anticipate to give a quotation plus the advanced. Out of this point, you may be in a position to call the insurance providers with a view for you to examining your own negotiating ability.

In order to discuss properly, it is necessary to understand the aspects which insurance plan underwriters consider whenever finding out the extent from the chance you current being a motorist. This could be determined by means of taking into consideration the form of details the insurance carrier call for so as to give you a quotation. Think about the inquiries you are questioned as well as why they need to learn the answers. During this method, you can even consider the volume of inquiries which have been questioned and you'll understand simply how much details ought to be considered.

Many times, the advanced thanks on a electric motor insurance policies will be demonstrated throughout a pair of ways: the one 12-monthly quantity plus the advanced payable if it is paid regular monthly. If perhaps the other alternative is chosen, the advanced is properly currently being paid with the advantage of a loan, which will show that fascination will have to possibly be reimbursed in conjunction with advanced. Simply by spending the entire advanced in one fell swoop, it is possible to prevent the money necessary for the eye all together.

The extra or perhaps insurance deductible will be the very first amount of any maintain check the policyholder is answerable to in the event that any maintain is done. Your required amount payable will vary according to the insurance carrier, yet it will likewise possibly be possible to adopt any voluntary extra past the required quantity. Carrying this out can frequently reduce the advanced somewhat. Remember that if the complete price tag of a maintain is a lot less than which from the extra, next the insurance carrier won't be liable to make any check throughout satisfaction from the maintain. Furthermore, you should be aware the extra will be payable upon each maintain, besides the initial one that is done. Take into account exactly what costs you'd probably reasonably have the ability to have if an covered by insurance chance took place.
The auto is one of the major aspects which insurer will consider whenever computing the advanced. An
expensive, high-end car cost far more for you to insure than a normal automobile for the reason that price tag fix is far more. While choosing a brand-new car, it can be really worth showing this at heart.
Several modern day automobiles possess regular protection characteristics which have been given by the vehicle supplier, for instance an security. However, the add-on of extra protection characteristics can frequently bring about the insurance carrier to scale back the advanced. This is because of the fact the risk of a motor vehicle to get broken straight into or perhaps ripped off is bound whenever you can find far more characteristics available to stop this incident. The immobilizer and/or checking method can be quite a thought in this particular regard.

Your protection of a automobile can also be considered on the point of view from the way it can be located. Keeping that in mind, for those who have the option for you to keep your car within a protected storage instead of about the neighborhood or maybe a driveway, this would be achieved as well as relayed towards the insurer.

Vehicles which encompass expensive as well as unneeded additional, for instance body products, ornamental wheels as well as tailor made aerosol careers, will attract greater rates for the reason that price tag to correct will be greater. Additionally there is the chance of such motor vehicles currently being far more susceptible to detrimental injury. To keep car insurance policy rates lower, it will likely be employed to forgo these types of additional.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

5 Steps to Successful Insurance Claims

People regularly pay costly premiums on their insurance policies to protect themselves against even greater financial loss at times of peril. They certainly don't expect to be left without their property or the funds to recover it, while the insurance company denies their claim for the expenses to be covered or shared.
Nevertheless, it has happened to many people in the past and can happen to all of us. Whether the insurance companies attempt to protect their own funds from fraud or simply act evil, there are many legitimate reasons they can invoke to turn down your claim. Ensure that your claim is successful by taking the following steps to protect it.

File your claim on time.

No matter how good your policy is, you have to actually file your claim before the insurance company will take any action. While you typically have several months to file a proper claim, some companies may give you as little as 30 days.

In rare cases, your claim might get lost and without having any knowledge of this, you might let the allotted timeframe expire. It is therefore advised after submission process to contact the company or take other steps to verify that your claim has been received.

Make sure you know how much time you have, and don't get turned down for taking too long.

Act reasonably.

Do not become overly confident because of your insurance. The insurer might be sharing your risk, but you still have several responsibilities as an individual.

In order for your insurance claim to go through, the insurance company will often check whether you took the necessary steps to safeguard your property from damage and prevent the loss from occurring. If it is uncovered during the course of investigation that the loss has been endured due to your own recklessness or inconsiderate behavior, there is a high chance for your insurance claim to be denied, depending on your particular policy.

Communicate with your insurer.

It is essential that you do not make any purchases or bear any costs regarding your loss without explicit approval from the insurance company. Should there be any unsolicited expenses on your part, the insurer will have grounds for denying your claim for covering them.

In case of auto insurance claims following an incident with multiple cars, it's best to leave the negotiations to your insurer's associates and not make any prior offers or promises to any of the other parties involved.
Do not abandon your property.

Whether it's a car or a house, it must frequently be in active use by you or your family to ensure that your insurance claims will be approved.

For example, a home that's left unoccupied for more than a month will in most cases not be covered by your insurance, even if you complied with all of the latest premium payments. An abandoned vehicle will put the eligibility of your claim at risk.

Disclose all information.

It is never advised to misrepresent any of your insurance claims by including false information or exaggerating the extent of your loss.

Insurance companies have all the necessary resources at their disposal to verify or disprove your claims, so any misinformation will be uncovered very soon. In addition to that, insurers are involved in a wide network of financial organizations and individual experts. Their evaluation of your insurance claim may put your future claims at risk, as well as result in higher premium costs for you throughout the industry.

While insurers might have received a lot of bad press throughout the years that paint them in unfavorable light, it's important to understand that there is no way around dealing with them should the disaster or accident outlined in your policy actually happen. It is therefore our immediate responsibility to take all the necessary steps to successful insurance claims.

This post was written by a guest author.

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Best Sports Cars for Under $100k

Have you ever wondered how much car you could get for 100k? Planned what cars you'd buy if you won the lottery? This is the Top 10 list that'll rank and explain the best sports cars you can buy for 100 grand! All the pictures are mine, except for the Audi TT-RS (I haven't had a chance to see one yet) and I referenced online reviews and manufacturer websites as well as my personal knowledge to compile the list and provide information about the cars. Enjoy!

10. BMW Z4 sDrive 35is $64,200

3.0L Turbocharged Straight-6
335 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque
Curb Weight: 3,549 lbs
0-60: 4.8 seconds
Top Speed: 155 (electronically limited)
Fuel Economy (City/Highway) 17/24
Starting off this list is the first of two BMWs- the best version of the Z4. Gone is the convertible and coupe option- all Z4’s from this generation have retractable hardtops. Despite the upped power from the 3.0L I6, the Z4 isn’t a purist driver’s car by any stretch of the imagination. The softer handling, relative to its competitors, make it more of a weekend cruiser than a hardcore sports car. According to Car and Driver, the Z4 smoothly delivers its power, and has a comfortable ride but fails to inspire confidence in the driver at the limit. As a true sports car, then, it fails to achieve the mission. However, if you are looking for a quick roadster for Sunday afternoon cruises, it’ll deliver great acceleration, a comfortable ride, and a sporty exhaust note.

9. Audi TT-RS $56,850

2.5L Turbocharged Straight-5
360 horsepower and 343 lb-ft of torque
Curb Weight: 3,306 lbs
0-60: 4.1 seconds
Top Speed: 174
Fuel Economy (City/Highway) 18/25
The Audi TT-RS is coming to the United States in limited quantities, and it’s only available with a proper manual transmission. Sporting wide tires and Audi’s Quattro AWD system, you know that grip is going to be plentiful in this sportier version of the TT. Add the 360 horsepower produced by the 5 turbocharged cylinders to these factors, and the acceleration from this car is absolutely brutal. Unlike most of the cars on this list which are rear-wheel drive, the TT-RS can get more of its power to the road on hard launches. Despite the sporty nature of the car’s performance, it isn’t a stripped-out hardcore track monster. It’s got a decent sized trunk, and rear seats that will carry a gym bag at least, if not small children. The performance is useable on the street, and taller individuals that might not fit in something like a Porsche Boxster can comfortably drive the TT. In summary, the TT-RS delivers plenty of performance to keep your inner-Stig happy while maintaining some semblance of practicality.

8. Jaguar XK-R $97,500

5.0L Supercharged V8
510 horsepower and 461 lb-ft of torque
Curb Weight: 3,968 lbs
0-60: 4.6 seconds
Top Speed: 155 (electronically limited)
Fuel Economy (City/Highway) 15/22
The Jaguar XK-R is the 2nd most powerful car on this list with over 500 raging horses under the hood; it looks fantastic, and has a supercharger. So why is it so far down on this list? Weight. Despite having twice the engine displacement and 150 extra horsepower, the XK-R is 16 seconds behind the TT-RS, the next slowest car on the list, around the Nurburgring. 16 seconds! What this goes to show is that like the Z4, the XK-R is probably more comfortable going on a spirited weekend drive around the countryside than it is on a racetrack. While this certainly isn’t a bad thing, there is definitely a market for GT cars such as this, the relaxed driving style of the XK-R isn’t going to be enough to get it higher on the list. Although it’s slower to 60 than others on this list, it’ll still plant you into the back of the leather seats when you put the automatic transmission into Dynamic Mode and floor it.

7. Porsche Cayman R $66,300

3.4L Flat-6
330 horsepower and 273 lb-ft of torque
Curb Weight: 2,855 lbs
0-60: 4.7 seconds
Top Speed: 175
Fuel Economy (City/Highway) 19/27
In stark contrast to the Jaguar, we have the Porsche Cayman R. Porsche is synonymous with motorsports racetrack performance, and that is exactly what the Cayman R is built for. When building the R version of its popular Cayman sports car, Porsche decided to cut weight instead of adding lots of power (only 10 were dragged out of the 3.4L) to achieve the desired performance goals. The Cayman R is the only member of this list under 3,000 pounds and weighs in more than 1,000 pounds lighter than the XK-R. The Cayman and the Jag are perfect foils for each other; the XK-R is everything that the Cayman is not, and vice-versa. While the Jaguar is immensely powerful and luxurious (aka heavy) the Cayman is underwhelming on the spec sheet (more than 200hp fewer than our winner) but extremely focused and lightweight. One has only to sit inside the cockpit to know that the R is all about performance. To save weight, Porsche replaced traditional door handles with fabric straps. The sport bucket seats hold the driver in place during hard cornering, and save 26 pounds. Air-conditioning is anoptional extra. On a $60,000 Porsche!
To summarize, the Cayman R is a purist’s dream when it comes to performance cars. Despite having the fewest horsepower of the 10 cars on this list, it laps the Nurburgring in 8:06, faster than the Ferrari 550 Maranello, the V10 powered BMW M6, and the Lamborghini Diablo SV. The R makes up for being a low powered car by weighing as close to nothing as you’ll find in a modern car. That means excellent acceleration, braking, and handling. Add the PCCB (Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes) and the Cayman R will be ready for the track right out of the box.

6. Lotus Evora S $77,175

Supercharged 3.5L V6
345 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque
Curb Weight: 3,168 lbs
0-60: 4.4 seconds
Top Speed: 178
Fuel Economy (City/Highway) 17/26
Lotus has been building purists’ sports cars for a long time. Expanding upon their model lineup of the Elise and Exige, Lotus added the Evora as a slightly larger and more powerful sports car. Although it is bigger than the tiny Elise, the Evora has retained everything that has put Lotus on top of the wish lists of drivers worldwide. The chassis is well balanced, the steering and handling are incredibly precise, and the brakes are amazing. While the standard Evora makes do with 276 hp, the S includes a supercharger on top of the 3.5L Toyota V6 which boosts power to 345 hp at 7,000 rpm. To stop all 345 of these horses, the Evora S has excellent brakes and tires. When Car and Driver tested the Evora S’s 70-0 braking distance, it landed within 5 feet of the best distance they had recorded- 146 feet. This handling and grip of the Lotus can make average drivers look great and inspire confidence at the limit. The Evora maintains all of the downsides that are present in nearly all Lotus cars, namely the complete lack of practicality. The cabin is small and not particularly ergonomic, the footwell is very tight, and visibility is limited. While it’s not going to be a great daily driver, it’ll be sure to excite it’s lucky owners on track days and weekend drives.

5. C63 AMG Coupe $61,430

6.3L AMG V8
451 horsepower and 443 lb-ft of torque
Curb Weight: 3,935 lbs
0-60: 3.8 seconds
Top Speed: electronically limited to 155 (174 with the AMG Development Package)
Fuel Economy (City/Highway) 12/19 mpg
As with all AMG vehicles, the key to the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe’s performance is its heart- the 6.2L AMG V8. While this AMG will still happily kick its rear end out if you lift off the throttle coming around a bend at the limit, it isn’t quite as insane as previous C63 AMG’s due to chassis refinements that have somewhat neutralized the balance of the car, according to Car and Driver. AMG badging, colored brake calipers, a rear diffuser, and the voracious exhaust note will separate the AMG from other C-class coupes and sedans. The 2011 C63 AMG Coupe lapped the infamous Nurburgring in 8:01, putting it in the lap time ballpark of cars such as the 1992 Buggatti EB 110SS, and ahead of sports cars such as the 2006 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, 2007 Aston Martin DBS, and the 2010 Porsche Cayman R. Because it's still a Mercedes, you'll get a relatively comfortable ride, nice leather interior, and state of the art electronics and gadgets.

4. Chevrolet Corvette Z06 $75,600

7.0L V8
505 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque
Curb Weight: 3,208 lbs
0-60: 3.8 seconds
Top Speed: 198
Fuel Economy (City/Highway) 15/24 mpg
In the 4 spot, we find the only American representative on this list, the Corvette Z06. The Corvette has long been the best “horsepower per dollar” value on the market, and the C6 Z06 is no exception. The only cars with more power on this list cost over $20,000 more, and only pack 5 or 40 more horsepower. The Corvette is the best all-around American sports car, and it can hold its own with the best that Europe has to offer on the racetrack. Racing versions of this and the previous generation Z06 have claimed class victories at the 24 Hours of Le Mans (over Aston Martin) as well as taking class championships in the American Le Mans Series and other sports car racing series’ around the globe. To accomplish this, Chevrolet has made the Z06 as light as is is powerful- the 4th lightest on this list and with by far the best power/weight ratio (6.35 lbs. per hp, the next closest is 7.03). According to Car and Driver, the car behaves predictably at the limit, but has somewhat uncommunicative steering. This car is going to give you the performance of vehicles that cost twice as much or more, and is still somewhat practical. It’s got a big trunk, there is good visibility, and the ride isn’t unreasonable for a sports car that laps the Nurburgring faster than a 2002 Pagani Zonda C12 S and the even more recent Audi R8 V10.

3. BMW M3 $60,100

4.0L V8
414 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque
Curb Weight: 3,704 lbs
0-60: 4.7 seconds
Top Speed: 155 (electronically limited)
Fuel Economy: 14/20 (estimated)
The BMW M3 was engineered for the track, and you’ll notice this from the start in the street car. From the V8 that revs to 8,400 rpm to the cross-drilled brake discs, this car is very serious about performance. As fast as the M3 looks, even while standing still, all of the bodywork is aerodynamically functional or feeds air into the engine compartment. BMW’s M division used carbon fiber for the roof to lower the center of gravity, and achieved a 50/50 front/rear weight distribution through the use of lightweight materials. In fact, the V8 in this M3 is 33 poundslighter than the inline-6 engine from the E46 generation. Despite all of this lightening, BMW's have progressively gotten heavier since the 80's, and the M3 has the 4th worst power to weight ratio of the 10 cars on this list. None of this weight is put to weight though- the reason that BMWs have gotten heavier is that they have become safer and more technologically advanced. What this means for the buyer is that despite all of this track-bred performance, the M3 is still going to have a nice interior and the standard equipment that you'd expect from a more luxury oriented car. The E92 M3 can be daily driven in comfort Monday through Friday, and taken to the track on the weekends- no problem. As the 2nd cheapest car on the list, the M3 represents great value as a car that can be two- commuter and race car.
When it first came out in 2007, the M3 lapped the Nurburgring in 8:05, equal to the Ferrari 575 Maranello, and faster than the ’06 Mercedes SL55 AMG and 1997 Lamborghini Diablo SV.

2. Porsche 911 Carrera S $96,400

3.8L Flat-6
400 horsepower and 325 lb-ft of torque
Curb Weight: 3,075
0-60: 4.3 seconds
Top Speed: 188
Fuel Economy: 18/26 (estimated)
This latest iteration of Porsche’s classic sports car adds power and loses weight from the previous 997 generation while receiving a styling update, and a brand new manual transmission. The 991 generation keeps with the Porsche tradition of placing the flat-6 at the rear of the car, but Porsche has redistributed a bit more of the weight from the rear compared to the past generation to improve balance. When equipped with PDK (Porsche’s paddle-shifting system), the Carrera S has a fantastic launch control system that allowed Road and Track testers to hit 60 mph in only 3.5 seconds, about as good as the 997 GT3 RS. Braking is handled by aluminum calipers and cast-iron rotors, although for about $8,500 you can get PCCB (Porsche ceramic-composite brakes) which will perform better, and resist fade as well as any street car brakes on the market.
The Carrera S lapped the Nurburgring in 7:40, in the ballpark of the Ferrari 430 Scuderia, McLaren SLR, and 2 seconds ahead of the Lamborghini Murcielago SV, which packs 670 horsepower. Porsche has managed to squeeze a ton of performance out of a smaller engine than its competitors while getting more speed for the power at the same time. The 911 is one of the most track-focused cars on this list, while still maintaining its every-day practicality. For those who prefer to work both of their feet while driving, this Porsche marks a commitment to the continued development and implementation of the manual transmission.

1. Nissan GT-R $96,820

3.8L Twin-Turbo V6
545 horsepower and 463 lb-ft of torque
Curb Weight: 3,829 lbs
0-60: 2.9 seconds
Top Speed: 196
Fuel Economy: 16/23 (estimated)

Yes, your eyes are working, and there is no typo. The R35 Nissan GT-R hits 60 mph from a standstill in2.9 seconds. This is faster than hardcore racers like the Gumpert Apollo Sport (roughly $400,000) and high speed legends such as the Koenigsegg Agera (over $1 million, 270mph top speed). Engage launch control, and any driver can pull off a launch like this. This generation of GT-R is famous for being as fast around a track as supercars that cost twice as much or more, and it is a reputation that is well earned. It’s Nurburgring lap time of 7:21 was faster than the Ferrari 458 Italia, Porsche Carrera GT, and even the Pagani Zonda F.

While the GT-R is very fast and is sure to turn quick lap times, it has been criticized for being “passion-less.” The styling is functional, but no one will mistake it for an Italian supercar, or even consider it “beautiful.” The sound from the V6 can’t compare with the offerings from Aston Martin, Ferrari, or Porsche, and it only comes in an automatic paddle-shifting automatic. And last but not necessarily least, every time someone asks you what you drive you have to say “It’s a Nissan… hmmm… well, it’s a really fast Nissan called the GT-R” whereas someone with a much slower and older Porsche 944 only has to say “Porsche” to get someone’s attention. True car fans will recognize the GT-R as an engineering masterpiece, but it certainly won’t garner the attention that some others on this list will.

All that being said, the whole point of the Nissan R35 GT-R is to be as fast as million dollar supercars for a (relatively) low price, so it comes in at number 1 on this list.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

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