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Top 10 ways to earn money online

Earning money online

1. Make a website and run a business, either selling a product or service.

This is the number one way to make money online but not quite the most simple. You may believe that you can just come up with a domain name and business idea and then bingo,
there's your successful business. I am sorry to tell you that it is not quite that simple as for starters you need to look at who you are selling too exactly. To do this you will need to do market research to find your target market and you will also need to ensure that there is room in the market to start your business, as competition could be too high. But if you can come up with a niche idea, choose a good domain name, get an idea of what you want on the website and then you can get started.

2. Join survey sites, (to earn money)

There are a lot of survey websites out there who are willing to pay you money for you to fill out some online surveys. It seems simple right! Well it is as simple as that as long as you use the right sites and not those which are scams. The next question which you may be asking is how do you know which websites are scams and which are legit. Well that is quite simple as if the website wants you to fill in credit card details or to pay any money to the site to use their service, then it is a scam. All legit paid survey sites will be free to join and will only require your email information which is the same is your PayPal so that they can pay you the money. If you are still quarrying about a website then check its FAQ page which will inform you on their policies and if anything looks odd or untrustworthy then leave their website. Some sites pay through PayPal, checks sent to your address and vouchers for high street retailers such as Boots, Amazon etc. A few suggested and trustworthy paid survey sites are as follows;

3. Sell your unwanted items, (on Ebay, Amazon, Play.com etc.)

This is a popular way of earning money online as it is simple, quick and gets results. When you sell your unwanted items on Ebay, Amazon etc it is very simple and you make cash quickly as long as those goods are selling. So it is worth doing research beforehand to see if the items you want to sell are selling. Ebay in particular are very good as selling is quick and you know that chances are it will sell because of the vast amount of people using this site worldwide. Remember the first thing you should do before selling is research on what is selling, then you must look at the cost and then whether you will make a profit. You will need to pay for packaging the product, mailing the product and insertion fees once the product is sold on Ebay. But do not let that put you off as I personally have sold goods on Ebay before and was shocked at how cheap the payouts were to ebay and how cheap the packaging and mailing was. If you are looking for some quick cash then sell your unwanted items, and remember your trash is someone else's gold.

4. Get paid to review music
A lot of people will see this as fake and if there was a website which did this then it would be a scam. From the research which I had done in the past I fount out that it was in fact real and that it did pay for reviews and that it also paid via PayPal. After trying the site myself I was pleased with the results and after reaching the minimum pay out of $10 dollars the money went straight to my PayPal account. This does pay but per review it is not very much and averages at around 13 cents per review. But do not let this put you off because it soon adds up and you will find that with hard work you could make a descent second income off this site alone. The reviews can become repetitive and tedious as the reviews you do begin to feel the same but like all jobs, money does not come without its irritation. If you wondering if anyone outside of the US can use the website, that would be a YES. I live in the UK and the website is usable and transfers the money as pounds although it says dollars on the website. The website which I use and I have just explained about is SLICE THE PIE.

If you would like to support me and use this URL to join the fun on slice the pie and befriend me on the site, then I would be delighted. The link will take you to the site where you can sign up for free and earn money today. The URL is as follows;


5. Start a blogg

This is becoming the number one choice for people as there is a growing passion for people writing about there passions and sharing experiences. You could join these people and start a blogg today through either existing websites which offer you the use of their sites to start a blogg or to create your own website. There are blogging websites out there which allow you to use their services for free such as BLOGGER, WORDPRESS, WEEBLY etc. This is the simpler option as this way there is less hastle in starting up your blogg and you have to pay absolutely nothing. The other option is to start up your own website, this way you can consontrate on a unique look for your site and you get the satisfaction of owning your own website. To get your own website you can either create it from scratch through expensive software costing way over a £1000 or you can use sites set up to let you use their services for a fixed proce each month. You pay for the hosting of the site, the domain name, and if you want a professional emblem then that will need paying for which some sites offer this as well.

To make money on the blog site as you do not make money for blogging you will need to make money in other ways. To earn money you must put ads on your website or on the blog which you use through the services provided through sites and these are known as link packages. They work by putting ads on your site and then when a viewer on your website clicks on the ad you make a percentage of the money made from this click. The link packages available which are free and simple are Google ad sense and Amazon ad. The amount you make depends on the traffic which your site receives which means the more people entering your website the more money you will make.

6. Sell old mobile phones, CD's, Video games and DVD's

If you sell these to companies online then you can make a little extra cash from unwanted items around the house. You will get a free online quote with free post and then you can judge if you want to sell or not. This is possibly the most simple way to sell you your unwated goods. Businesses offering this service are Music Magpie, Amazon trade-in, etc.

7. Use cash back websites
These are good as they are free to sign up to and you save money everytime you make a purchase through their website. The credit you make back adds up and if you spend a lot of money online every years then you could save hundreds of pounds through their service. An example of a top cash back site is TOP CASH BACK.

8. Sell photos online

This is a good way to make a bit extra money but you have to take some pretty good pictures and if they are good then there are sites to sell them on. The sites will usually sell them for you and if they sell then you make royalties on the amount they are sold for. The better the pictures, the more money you will likely make.

9. Be a mystery shopper

The mystery shopper is the person posing as a customer online and in stores to test the service of the company. This is good for the people who wants to work from home as doing tasks for the companies could earn you more than £30 a day. When the companies send you tasks, the more you complete, the more you will be given.

10. Internet research

You get paid to answer questions on a certain topic which you may be an expert in so on websites where questions are asked you could be one of the people answering these questions. To do this you must first sign up for the opportunity, so use your knowledge and make some money. If you did get the job, you would make around 25p per question you answer so the more you answer, the better the money you make.

These are what I believe to be the top 10 ways to earn money online and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to comment in the area below.

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