Tuesday, 4 June 2013

How to make Money from your Blog

These days a lot of people are into Blogging after they have realized the true income potential of Blogs. Even there are many kids make money from Blogs. There are many people whose income is solely dependent on their Blogs. I am not telling that you should throw away your job and sit at home making Blogs or just having a Blog will help you mint money. But your Blog could be your gold mine if you work hard on it. However, there are many things which decide on how profitable a Blog could be. When you Blog it is advisable you choose a subject which you are knowledgeable about or which you have an interest on. Having a Passion for the topic helps you in not get bored or losing interest. So how do you make money from your Blog?

Making an Income from Blog

Making an income from Blog depends on many factors.

First and foremost the Topic of your Blog is a very important factor in deciding the profitability of your Blog. If you have a niche Blog which you are an expert on and also profitable then the chances are that you would make money out of it. I have a Blog on Dating and Relationships where I or my Guest Bloggers write on all topics related to relationships in general. I also have a Blog on a specific TV Serial on which I write only about that Serial and things related to it. My Income and Traffic on this Entertainment Blog is 10 fold of what I make from my Blog on Relationships. My point is if you can find a profitable micro niche then the chances are that you would be more successful in making money. Original, popular and helpful content has a huge income potential.

Secondly, the monetization methods used in your Blog matters the most in deciding how profitable a Blog could be. There are many ways to monetize your content. Choose suitable monetization methods for your Blog. What may work for someone else may not work for you. There can be a lot of methods you can implement on your Blog to make money out of them. I know some people who make huge money on donations and subscriptions alone. Some popular ways of making money out of your Blog are allowing text or image ads in the Blog. I am not talking of just Google Adsense or any other popular Contextual Ads publisher; you can also accept Banner ads from those who require it which can be based on impression or a fixed rate per month. Selling Physical goods or Expert service through the Blog can be another way to make money. Affiliate Marketing is another popular way of monetization. In short, your Blog could be your Goldmine and can generate multiple streams of income online if you utilize it properly.

Thirdly, Promoting of your Blog plays a very vital role in generating income from it. The Income generating capacity of a website or Blog depends a lot on the traffic received. The more visitors you have the more are your chances to make a good online income. Even there just visitors won’t help. You need visitors who are interested in the topic of your blog to be able to make money out of it. It is very important that you should promote your work. Some popular modes of promotion can be article writing, emails, face book likes, twitter, Digg etc. Having a good subscriber’s base in your Blog can help bring traffic. Commenting on other peoples Blogs can also get us visitors. Search Engine Optimization of the Blog is also very important as the Organic traffic majorly depends on it.

So Guys, if you already do not have a Blog it is time you think of making one seriously. You need not start a self hosted one or spend money on Blog. You can use Blogging Platforms like Blogger also till you are confident of going for a self hosted one. Think of it, your hobby or passion could help you make a second income you can depend on.

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