Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Best SEO learning article # 2 (Use Social Site)

We previously announced that we are going to share a complete chain post on SEO. Consequently this is a part of our previous post See what is your site heart?
However, here we will discuss on social sites. We previously said that, there are 80% of visitors come from social site for every site who can use these site properly for SEO. Moreover, backlink from social sites has an extra demand for increasing page rank. So, the importance of social site is huge. Let’s come to the point.

This system of backlink building is very easy. At first you have to register each site then you can share your site link in various ways. Here has many sites list. So, it is not possible to see you each system. We share a system to create back link at a site for your easy understanding so that, you can use properly.

Google +

Google plus is the boss of all social sites. At first go here and make sign in with your gmail id. If you don’t have any account please click here and make an account right now. Then login your google+ account and add friend as much as possible then share your articles each link separately. You have to do this several times during 24 hours to get traffic.


Facebook is also a leading social site in the world. It is most familiar social site in the whole world. Simply find here to sign in. You can sign up with any email account. Anyway, login your facebook account and add friends as much as possible. Here you can’t add friends like google+. You have to invite first, if the person

A large social site with lot’s of people. Most used in America and Europe. But, familiar all over the world. By the way if you have an account then share your sites each articles if don’t have open an account from here.

USA based social site but at present, use all around the world. If you want USA based visitors for your site then there are no alternative way to Pinterest. Create an account right now. However, here the sharing way is different from other site. You have to make Pin with an image. Simply select an image related with your article then give a short description and URL of the article and make pin.

Linked in:

The world largest professional network. Will help you to broaden your circle around the world with all kind of professional personal. Anyway, make an account from here then share.


One of a popular social site of the world. Simply click here and make an account the digg everything.


At first click here and log in with you facebook or twitter account then share your articles URL.


Popular do follow social site. Make an account from here and share your articles.


Same as Delicious. Simply go here and follow same process of Delicious.

Hope now you understand all system clearly. So, now simply visit all bellow site and open an account for each site and share your URL an create back link for your site and get unlimited traffic forever.

These social sites not only help you to increase traffic but also help for link building. You will get permanent back link for your site only by this way very easily though there is thousand of system to create back link. However, as this is a broad method so, AVOW BD will make an individual post in Link Building. See previous post Best SEO learning article # 1

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